Service Guarantee

Residential electrical service guarantee

You're time and fair prices are valuable and we respect that, frankly it's EASY - "We're on time you'll see or the repair is FREE!"

Until you are 100% satisfied, you don’t pay! That is the promise we offer to each of our customers!

Because we realize it is impossible for any company to be 100% perfect all the time, and from time to time a oversight or miscommunication may happen, we have a system in place that doesn’t punish the client (YOU) for that.

In the case that we don’t do everything we say we are going to do, DON’T PAY us until we do. We strive for excellence at Mister Sparky, and we don’t want to be compensated until we achieve it for you.

We look forward to adding YOU as one of our 100% Satisfied Clients.

"We're on time you'll see of the repair is FREE!"