Breaker Panels

Breaker or circuit panel repair and installation

The panel is the heart of your electrical system. Just as anything, the panel should be looked at to make sure it is in proper working order.


If your panel is noticeably old and needs replaced, we recommend that it is done so immediately before the possibility for problems can worsen. As panels age, the life span becomes less and less until it eventually dies.

We can evaluate your panel, educate you, and let you know where your panel stands and if it needs replaced or not. If the panel needs to be replaced, we can go through the options of what steps need to be taken so you have a panel that is up to date and safe for your home.Mister Sparky Electrician Discussing Panel with Homeowner


Is Your Panel Unsafe?

There are two brands of Panels that have lost their UL listing that we recommend immediate replacement if you have one of these manufacturers, they are a fire hazard: