Home Safety Checks

Home electrical safety inspections

We want to help make sure your family is safe. Have us perform a home electrical safety check.  We at Mister Sparky are concerned with the safety of you and your family.

While we are at your home, we offer a FREE visual safety inspection.  

With our home inspection, we will go through your home and notify you of any possible electrocution or fire hazards. Your safety is very important to us so we offer this for free.  Since most homeowners usually do not know much about their electrical systems, we will educate you on how it works.  It is our responsibility to inform you of any hazards that we find and go through how to get these items fixed and make your home safe again.

Take a few moments, walk around and check what you have plugged into your outlets.  Do you have small children and have you taken the appropriate steps to "safe" your outlets from curious hands and foreign objects.  Do you have outlets that are full or in need of a multi-outlet surge protector in a single room?  You may be on the verge of overload.  Now its time to call Mister Sparky and ask us how to solve this electrical problem.  We can help you determine if you need additional outlets.